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How it Works:

  1. Call, E-mail, Skype, Text, or Simply Set up Instantly

  2. We will follow up with a job number, flat rate cost, shipping details, and a request for additional information if needed

  3. Ship the package to our facility

  4. We will contact you once the package is received

  5. We will reach out with evaluation results

  6. Approve the service to move forward

  7. Purchase a target from us or send in your own

  8. Job is completed and results are presented to you

  9. Pay the service fee and receive shipping information for your package

  10. Receive your recovered data, verify data, and most importantly back up the results!!!

If you need to speak to a Data Recovery Specialist please feel free to contact us. Our representative will be happy to assist you.

What to expect:

  • When you give us a call our Data Recovery Specialist will greet you and ask for your name.

  • You will be asked a few brief questions to outline your failure.

  • We will ask basic information questions regarding address, email, phone number, and company if applicable.

  • Finally we will go over the process with cost.

  • Shipping instructions will be provided to you so we can start on the project.

Prefer to speak through email? please feel free to email us to setup a job, ask us questions, or have us call you. We want to be able to assist you with all your Data Recovery needs.

What to expect:

  • Send us a email with your questions.

  • We will reach back out to assist you.

  • We will offer next steps as well as a option to have us call you.


  • How the program works:

    • What this program will do for the first 100 customers to sign up as a resellers they will immediately be bumped up to our Platinum program for the life of the partnership.

  • How to keep the partnership active:

    • In order for a reseller to continue with this great service offering they will need to set up at least 1 job per year.

    • We will inform the reseller approximately 2 times a year reminding them of this portion.

  • Can the Platinum Reseller level be upgraded:

    • In short yes, we trackall jobs that have been set up with your reseller ID.

  • How the program works:

    • Any device that needs data recovery due to the tragedy of Hurricanes in 2017  receives a 40% discount on the data recovery as well as a Free Evaluation

    • Call, text, email, skype, or set up now. It is that simple

    • Provide us the critical information to move forward, ship, and we will take care of the rest.

  • When does the program end:

    • The program will not end until Sept 1st, 2018​ - we understand there is many things going on in your life and want this opportunity to be available to you when you can get to it.

Hurricane Program

First 100 Reseller Program