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Why it Pays to Hire a Certified RAID Data Recovery Expert

It Pays to Hire a Certified RAID Data Recovery Expert

RAID drives use a series of redundant drives to offer you some assurance that failure is less likely. It's a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.

A copy of each individual file is held across all these disks, in one of the most common configurations.

If one fails, the others should still work, and you should be able to retrieve your data. In theory, RAID data recovery should be simple, as there's a backup.

However, in practice, the worst can still happen.

Sometimes, every drive in a RAID can fail at once because of a power surge or other event. If this happens, you need the help of a professional RAID data recovery expert.

Finding the Problem

The first reason you should call in a professional rather than having a go yourself is that it's often hard to spot the root cause of the problem.

There isn't always obvious evidence of physical damage, as a hard knock can be enough to cause internal damage without leaving external marks. RAIDs are sensitive pieces of equipment.

Specialists know that there are a lot of moving parts to consider. The job can be very different depending on the configuration of the RAID drive.

It's not a straightforward task to find the source of the problem.

Sometimes it's a physical failure. This can be due to external damage, such as accidents or fires.

It can also be logical failures, such as file corruption or partitioning issues on the drives. Or other problems such as accidental deletion where data needs to be recovered before it's overwritten.

Sometimes it's not even the RAID drives themselves that have failed, but the RAID controllers.

RAID data recovery professionals will do a deep analysis to find the source of the problem before they start tinkering with the RAID itself.

They Know What to Ask For

A good RAID recovery expert will start a conversation with you.

They'll help you to map out the data that has been lost, and draw up a list of priorities with your help.

It also helps them to know what type of system you're using. So expect them to pick your brains for a lot of technical details.

Don't worry if you don't know everything, but these details will help them do their job efficiently. It might be a good idea to document as much as you can about the system now, ready to hand over to any future engineer.

Knowing the type of RAID system your business uses is a basic starting point, but even that will really help them out.

This dialog helps to get them ready for the job. Before they start, they know what data is mission-critical for you, and can put this at the top of their list where possible.

You Only Get One Shot

It might be tempting to try and save some money by having a go at data recovery yourself. Just Google the problem and follow the instructions. Right?

Be warned that the more attempts that are made, the less chance there is of getting data back from the failed RAID.

In fact, there's a drastic reduction in success rates after the first attempt.

From that point, the more errors the drive records, the smaller the chance becomes that you'll get data back at all.

If you're unsure about what you're doing, you could make recovery impossible by accident.

RAID data recovery is no stroll in the park. Even a small mistake could cost your business vital data - which might have other repercussions in terms of compliance, marketing ability and more.

Certified RAID Experts are Faster

Even if you are successful at recovering data from a RAID drive, you'll probably be working for days on the project. It's not at all like flipping a switch for an instant download of your files.

RAID experts are faster at recovering data. But the process can still be slow, as it takes a great deal of precision and the utmost of care.

A recovery service can take as little as 24 hours if it's worked on non-stop. However, this can still have a major impact on your business.

Their work will mean your firm can get back to work faster. This is important, as most businesses find themselves crippled while they don't have access to their data.

Or if it's a personal drive, they'll give you the peace of mind that your data has been saved.

If it's not so urgent, most recovery projects can take up to 7 working days. They are a time-consuming process that needs to be managed with great care.

Experience is Key

No instance of RAID failure is ever quite the same.

We've touched on areas that can fail above, but to tell you the truth, the actual list is a lot more extensive.

The layers of protection which RAID offers are great in terms of keeping data safe but become a challenge when things go wrong.

RAID data recovery experts have seen it all over time. They're ready to tackle the labyrinthine web left behind when a RAID comes crashing down, with the goal of getting you back the data that you need.

Once the expert has identified the problem, it takes a lot of skill and concentration to recover data.

Help Me! I Need RAID Data Recovery

Apex Data Recovery can help you to recover your precious data using expert RAID data recovery techniques.

Beyond our technical knowledge, we place a lot of importance in opening a clear line of communication between you and us.

This is so that you're fully informed about how our procedure works, and how we'll respond to your RAID failure. We think this is a critical aspect of data recovery that customers who choose other firms miss out on.

It doesn't matter if your project is professional or personal. We treat all our client's equipment with the same care to give the best chances of recovering your valued data.

Talk to us about your problem - we want to help.