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Why Phone Data Recovery Services Are so Useful

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

Why Phone Recovery Services Are so Useful

Our whole lives are on our phones, so it's understandable when that data is compromised. Here's what makes phone recovery services so useful.

Ever wondered what you'd do without your smartphone?It's been reported by the Physiological Society that many believe the prospect of losing their phone is almost as stressful as the fear of a terror attack. Yes, really.On top of that, the average American adult spends up to 3 hours on their smartphone every day.That totals up to roughly 86 hours a month! Needless to say, you can't underplay the fact that phones are a big deal in our modern day lives.With so much of our time spent collating photos, videos, and precious memories on our mobiles, phone recovery services have never felt so important.Read on to find out why phone recovery services can be of use to you. But, first things first:

What Is Phone Recovery?

Phone recovery is a means of retrieving and restoring lost data from your phone. This can be photos, documents, app memory and much more.Phone recovery is especially useful if your phone is among your primary means of data storage, and is a powerful tool in safeguarding your personal files, as well as protecting corporate data.

What Are The Causes Of Data Loss?

Data loss can occur from something as simple as your phone crashing or breaking. Most often it comes down to human error or unfortunate circumstance.Maybe data is accidentally sent to the wrong person and a security breach occurs. Perhaps there's a power outage, or, maybe in a hurry, you knocked your coffee so it spilled all over your smartphone.Accidents happen. In fact, these accidents account for almost two-thirds of all data loss. In some cases, however, malware or hacking can be the cause of data loss. While this is quite rare, it's something to be aware of when storing sensitive information on your smartphone.

How Does Data Recovery Work?

We offer different kinds of recovery services. In-Lab is the standard option and is especially useful for those with physical media issues as well as phone recovery needs.All options aim to recover any data you may have lost and fix any underlying issues that may have caused this to happen.

Benefits Of Phone Recovery Services

Now you know what we do, you may be wondering how this service can be of help to you should ever need it.

Restoring Your Contacts

It's easy to take our contacts list for granted when it's so easily accessible on our phones.Very few people use address books anymore due to the convenience of being able to access names and numbers at the touch of a button.Not being able to contact your nearest and dearest when something goes wrong is distressing, and that includes when your phone gets wiped.Knowing that a service exists that can retrieve all those numbers at your convenience is reassuring. In the event of an absolute emergency whereby there's nothing physically wrong with your phone, our phone data recovery service has you covered.

Keeping Your Memories Safe

People often underestimate how many memories they have stored on their phone. Even destroyed or damaged video or photo files can be restored, so don't lose hope!Whether it be the first photo you took with your partner or the last text message you received from a now-deceased relative that you hold dear - phone recovery services offer an assurance that your data is safe with us.


You may be concerned that with your phone out of the game and your files wiped or corrupted, your privacy could be at risk.Phone data recovery will help get to the root of the problem and ensure that once your data is recovered. It's also as secure as it can possibly be.


We've all been there. You're hard at work typing up an important email or pulling up an important document and then bam. For some inexplicable reason, your phone goes caput. Sound familiar, or like your worst nightmare?Phone data recovery offers the assurance that a blip in the system doesn't have to completely rock your world and throw any work-related plans out the window.Continuity is key. In your personal life, and especially in your business life. If a lot of your business correspondences happen through your phone, losing access to your data can really throw a wrench in the works.You want to be able to carry on smoothly with your work and know that any work you've already completed is safe. Emails, documents, notes from an important meeting.

Retrieving Accidentally Deleted Files

It's happened to us all. You delete a text message, photo, or email. Then, or maybe a few weeks or months later, you feel regret. It's an easy mistake to make, but one that can easily be fixed with a thorough and efficient phone recovery service.

Retrieving Files From A Stolen or Compromised Device

What would you do were your smartphone to get stolen? Aside from the fact that it's completely out of your possession, you also can't call for help. No phone, no files. Aside from being one of the worst things that could happen to you, having a stolen, hacked or compromised phone is really scary.This is where our service can come in handy. We can offer our knowledge and expertise to assess the situation and recover your data so long as your phone is in good physical condition.

Knowing Your Data Is Safe

A big part of phone recovery is the reassurance it brings. We know it can feel like the end of the world when you lose access to important data on your phone.We offer email and phone support and have a whole host of positive customer reviews to prove our commitment to your phone and data recovery needs.We know how important your data is, and it's our aim to keep it safe and secure. Set up now, or contact us to find out more about our services.