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RAID Data Recovery covers many types of systems

There are many types of RAID configurations for systems. Here are some of the most common types of RAID environments that would be covered under RAID Data Recovery. RAID systems are normally used as a shared space to store critical data.

RAID Types

  • RAID 0 - This is 2 or more drives and can be configured in a concatenated or strip configuration.

  • RAID 1 - This is 2 systems. Drives are typically matched at a physical level so you have 2 copies of your data.

  • RAID 10 - This is 2 or more drives. This is a combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1 configuration.

  • RAID 5 - This is 3 or more drives. Using a mathematical calculation this system allows redundancy so that systems continues to run if one drive fails.

  • RAID 6 - This is 4 or more drives. Using a mathematical calculation this system allows redundancy so that systems continues to run if one or two drives fail.

Types of RAID Failures

Physical Failures

While this list does not cover all RAID physical failures here are some of the basic types of failures you will see.

  • Natural disasters like fire, flood, hurricane

  • Mechanical failure - intermittent failures that cause the drive to fall offline.

    • Clicking, grinding, or whirring sound coming from the drive.

    • failed PCB or motor. Or damaged actuator assembly.

  • Damaged RAID Controllers​

In any of these instances it is important to not attempt to boot the drive up as it can further degrade the hard drive.​

Logical Failures

Logical issues while they sound basic can cause major failures that could cause your critical data from coming back. Some of the basic types are as follows.

  • Filesystem corruption - Your partition is no longer mounting on your computer.

  • Format or overwrite. Depending on the filesystem and amount of overwrite will determine chances of recovery.

  • Deletion - While most filesystems handle recovery of deleted data well, be sure not to add additional data.

  • Metadata Corruption - This causes your RAID to not be recognized. 

RAID/NAS Recovery Service Levels




Evaluation completed within 1 business days


Completed within 2 to 3 business days



Evaluation completed within 2 business days


Completed within 5 to 7 business days




No evaluation, recovery starts right away


Usually completed within the first 24 hours. We do not stop until recovery is complete.

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