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DATA Recovery services





24/7 Emergency



no eval, job starts immediately

​Full Recovery

approximately within 24 hours.

We don't stop until the job is complete



completed within 1 days

​Full Recovery

approximately 2 to 3 days




completed within 2 days

​Full Recovery

approximately 5 to 7 days

Storage Media Recovery 

Laptop and Desktop
RAID / NAS Device
Hard Drive
External Drive
Smart Devices
Removable Device

Recovery Options

Remote Recovery

Remote Data Recovery is a great option when there is nothing physically wrong with the physical media or the RAID system. We will tie into your environment without needing to power down the system and ship this to our facility. This is a great option for clients because it is fast and lowest price offering.

In-Lab Recovery

In-Lab Recovery is the standard option. This will be the most conventional method of recovering data. This is a great option for clients with physical media issues as well as failed RAID environments.

On Site Recovery

On Site Recovery option is for clients who cannot ship there environment to outside facilities. This option typically is the most expensive service.

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